Bookbinding / Print design

Ever since I made my first book during Foundation year, I knew that this medium was going to play a big role in my work. I found it fascinating how you could manipulate the message with

tactile quality of book as an object, size, texture, smell



PE Folder

Professionalism & Employability is an 80-page-long document summarising external activities undertaken by me during the 3rd year at University. I designed it, printed and bound it myself to showcase my bookbinding and design abilities not only through the content, but also through the form it takes.


It feels like being

Returning home, I do not feel like I belong, yet the familiarity of the foreign place where I had chosen to live does not feel like home either.  

It feels like being is a photography project exploring the themes of home and distorted belonging. It investigates how we continuously adjust to our surroundings and the effects it has on our self-perception. In this project, each image conveys a specific story or emotion, collectively showing the process of searching for answers about one’s own identity and trying to come to terms with its complexities.

 The photo essay was self-published in an edition of 10, with a hand-made soft-cover.



Insight looks at the use of narrative within a photograph and how we as an audience will each have a different interpretation of an image. It plays with the obvious meaning of an image and creates thought-provoking contrasts and contradictions through the use of handwritten annotations.


Love Letters

Love Letters is a book compiling extracts from letters and photographs of a long-distance couple from a period of 3 years. It was created as a gift, to celebrate the couple’s anniversary and to commemorate everything they’ve gone through together.